One of the easiest and most delicious Italian desserts. Tiramisu is always a great choice and you can’t really mess it up. I’ve been using this same recipe for years and people of all ages are huge fans of it!


3 dl of espresso
6 tbsp of amaretto liquor
3 large eggs
6 tbsp of sugar
250 g of mascarpone cheese
2 ½ dl of cream
About 30 pcs of savoiardi biscuits

On top:
Dark cacao powder

In a flat bowl/dish, flavor the espresso with the amaretto liquor. Separate the yolk from the egg white. In another bowl, whip the egg whites into a firm foam. Whip the cream in a separate bowl. In a fourth bowl, froth the sugar and egg yolk. Add the mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, 3 tbsp of amaretto, and mix well. Add in the egg white foam and mix gently. Try to keep the mixture light and spongy.

One by one, dip the savioiardi biscuits so that only one side of the biscuit gets dipped. Place the biscuits in the serving cups. On top, spread a layer of the cream mix and make another similar layer on top. Use a plastic wrap to cover the serving cups and let the dessert chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Using a strainer, dust the cocoa powder on top of the tiramisu right before serving so the cocoa won’t turn bitter.


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