Welcome to a taste-filled journey!

I love to travel! I’m curious about different cultures and especially food cultures. When we visit a new country or a new city, I always take a long tour of the local food markets, market halls, grocery stores, etc. As a souvenir from the trip, I aim to find something new and exciting to try in my own kitchen.

Now that traveling has become very limited, I am going to revisit some of the tasty memories I have gathered during my travels! I will be digging up my old recipes and will create an authentic dinner for my loved ones. So come along, join me on this taste-filled journey! <3


Since I am from Italy, it is natural for me to take you on a visit to my other homeland. Some of my absolute Italian favorites are PASTA CARBONARA, which I make completely without cream, and what goes for the dessert, there is no question, it is TIRAMISU. Did you know that loosely translated, ”tira-mi-su” means ”pick me up”. What makes Tiramisu an easy dessert, is that you can make it the day before and place it in the fridge to season!

Honest, real flavors are a big part of Italian food culture. In the end, Italian food is very simple and follows tradition, which makes it quite easy. Crucial components for a great Italian dish are pure and authentic ingredients. These, combined with the love of making food and love towards the people you are making it for, are what makes for a memorable moment around the dinner table <3

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The Middle East

Even though we haven’t traveled there that much, I’m fascinated by the food culture in the Middle East. I mainly eat a vegetarian diet, so the food culture definitely fits me well! Foods and smells filled with flavors and spices make me feel like I am far away from home in Littoinen. Different kinds of veggies, chickpeas, and yogurt sauces make my imagination run faster than Usain Bolt!

Chickpeas can be used in a variety of recipes, and they are packed with protein and other healthy nutrients! My favorite recipe may just be CHICKPEA STEW or GREEN FALAFELS, both of which you can find on our inspiration page!


One of my all-time favorite Finnish foods is KARELIAN PIES – especially when I get to combine a bit of my Italian heritage in the process, by bringing out the pasta maker to help me make them!

Since my mother in law is originally from Sweden, some traditions from our neighboring country have made it into our kitchen. One of my husband Rolf’s favorite treats are SAFFRON BUNS. The smell that comes from the buns and fills the kitchen is intoxicating, and since I can’t demonstrate it to you via a screen, you will have to roll up your sleeves and try this on your own!

Also, even though I am unable to share my favorite aromas through the screen, I would like to share our favorite cooking tunes! You can find the HEIROL playlists on Spotify!


The writer Cristina Moborg is an Italian-Finnish foodie, an entrepreneur at HEIROL, and a mother of four. For Cristina, cooking is a passion and a way to show bottomless love for her loved ones. The artistic side of Cristina can be seen in her cooking, as the end result is often picturesque, even though the road there can be a bit messy. Follow Cristina’s cooking adventures on Instagram!

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