Frequently asked questions

Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions based on different topics. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact our customer service via email at [email protected]


How do I select the right kind of frying pan?

The most important criteria when selecting a frying pan are the type of stove you are using and what you are cooking. Our selection includes three different categories of frying pans: steel pans, coated pans, and cast-iron pans. All the pans that we offer, except for this crepe pan, are suitable for all stoves, including induction.
A steel pan is a classic that lasts a lifetime in your kitchen. There may be a bit of a learning curve for new users, but after a little bit of practice you’ll be a pro and it will become a trustworthy friend in the kitchen! A steel pan is also compatible with other utensils than wood or plastic, so no need to worry there. These pans are great for cooking meat and vegetables, and it is also suitable to be put on the grill and in the oven.
All the coated pans that HEIROLs selection includes are free of any toxins and do not contain any PFOA or PTFE compounds. Using a coated pan is easier than a steel pan, however, a coated pan does require cooking oil/butter when being used to avoid damaging the coating. Coated pans are used at a lower temperature because too much heat can ruin the coating. This makes the pan perfect for cooking eggs, fish, or other high protein foods. You should use wooden or plastic utensils with a coated pan, others will damage the surface. When properly taken care of, the coating is long lasting but will see some wear and tear over time. Food should not be stored in a coated pan.
Cast iron pans will be around for multiple generations if you take care of them properly! Cast iron pans are compatible with most utensil materials, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the surface. Cast iron pans should be washed without soap. Storing food in a cast iron pan will cause it to rust. An enamelled cast iron pan is easy to use, but we recommend not using steel utensils on them as it may damage the coating.
You can find more information on the pans on the online stores product cards.
We recommend hand washing the pans to increase their lifespan.
Our selection does not include carbon steel pans, as using them is challenging and the pans require a lot of maintenance.

Why does everything stick to my steel pan?

We recommend preparing your steel pan with an oil-treatment which prevents food from sticking to the pan. You can find instructions for the oil-treatment on the steel pan product card. A video of the oil-treatment can be found here.
If there are stains stuck to the pan already, you should clean it properly before the next time you use it. A dirty pan will cause everything to stick to it. Dishwasher will not clean the pan completely, so the pan should always be hand washed. There are a few things to remember when cooking with a steel pan:
You should not heat up the pan on full power right away, but slowly increase the power on the stove. For example, start off with 3-5 and then slowly turn it higher. This is done in order to make sure the pan heats up evenly and the small pores will close. You can test this with a few drops of water; if the water stays gathered together and slides on the pan, the pan is hot enough. It is good to remember that a steel pan is used on lower temperatures and you should use more butter/oil than on a coated pan. Let your food cook properly before flipping it.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty is in effect when the product has been in normal household usage, and does not show any visible signs of misuse (like excess use of force, not following user intructions for pans, purposeful damaging etc). The warranty does not cover misuse that is caused by, for example the pan being dirty, lack of proper cleaning, overheating the pan, or heating the pan whilst empty etc. HEIROL retains the rights to determine if possible misuse falls into the above mentioned categories in collaboration with the production factory. Possible production errors will be fully reimbursed.

The coating on my coated pan has broken?

The coating of the pan may get damaged from too much heat. For example, induction stoves heat up very quickly, and if the power is too high it may cause damage to the coating. Cooking should always be started on low temperatures, and slowly increased but never all the way to the maximum power. A coated pan should never be heated whilst empty, so always remember to add butter/oil before turning on your stove so you will see once the pan is hot.

How do I select the right spice mill?

Salt and pepper mills that are equipped with ceramic machinery can be used for both salt and pepper, however, you will want to take note that carbon steel machinery is only compatible with pepper. Salt will corrode the carbon steel machinery. Our spice mills can also be used to grind dried herbs. Do not use allspice, as it will jam the machinery. Our selection also includes high-quality salt and pepper.

How do I adjust the roughness of my spice mill?

Adjust the roughness by rotating the knob at the top of the mill. The tighter the knob is the finer the roughness. The mill works better if you don’t turn the knob too tight. Turning to knob too tight may damage the machinery. We recommend keeping the knob open for at least one full round.

How do I clean a spice mill?

Wipe with a dry or damp cloth. The mill should never be made wet nor sank under water. Do not use the spice mill on top of a steaming pot to avoid moisture getting inside the mill.


Why should I register to the HEIROL online store?

As a registered member you will collect points. These points can be used in your next/future purchases. The points can be used up to 50% of the order value and they can’t be used toward delivery fees. In order to use your points, you need to be logged in the online store and your shopping cart needs to have enough products to redeem the points. As a registered member you are also able to see your past orders.

Can I make purchases from the online store without registering?

You are able to place order in our online store without registering. This will limit you from seeing your past orders and you aren’t able to collect HEIROL-points.

Can I cancel my order?

After confirming the payment, you are unable to make changes to your order. After the payment the order goes on to processing. In matters concerning cancellations, we ask you to contact us via email at [email protected]

I have not received confirmation on my order?

The order confirmation email may end up in your spam file, so make sure to look there as well!

How long will the delivery take?

Our packages are shipped out from out warehouse on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Often they will arrive to a Posti pick-up location the following day. For home deliveries Posti will contact you and will schedule a time for the delivery.

What countries can I order products to?

In addition to Finland, we deliver to the Schengen area as well as England.

What if I am unable to get my package in time of the 7 day pick-up period?

The package will be returned to our warehouse. We will refund the amount of the purchase for the orderer. If you’d still want the products, you’d have to complete a new order. A package that doesn’t get picked up is not a customer return, so we will charge the order 15 € for delivery fees.

What do I do if I receive a damaged or a wrong product?

In this case you should contact our customer service via email at [email protected]

How do I return my purchase?

In Finland you can return your purchase with a free return code from Posti, which you can attain from our customer service. A returned product needs to be unused and in the original packaging.


Where is HEIROL from?

HEIROL was established in 1991 and is a family-owned business from Kaarina, so we are a Finnish brand! The name HEIROL comes from the first names of its founders, father and son, HEImo and ROLf.

Where else can I buy HEIROL products from?

In addition to our online store, HEIROL products can be found from HEIROL Shops as well as well-equipped retailers. Our products are also sold in Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic.

How can I contact customer service?

Our customer service phone number is 075 326 6800 and the email address is [email protected] We are open on weekdays from 8-16. The cost of a phone call is 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min.