Environment & Values


Safety and sustainability have governed our choice of products and manufacturers for over 20 years. As a father of four it was always clear to me that our products must be nontoxic and durable. Only high quality and fair play will do. Besides, we too use the products with our kids every day at home, just like our customers. It’s a no brainer really.

As an advocate for sustainability we were a partner to WWF, a forerunner in switching into products with PFOA-free coating and the first to bring ceramic coating to Finland. Although the products we chose were a bit higher in value, they were a lot better in quality. After all, choosing a product that is long-lasting means everyone wins, nature included.

I never much cared for plastic as a material. So we avoid using plastic in packaging, and from the start of 2019, our popular Steely utensil range, for example, will be wrapped in ecological tissue paper. The few plastic products we do carry are made out of polypropylene (PP) as it can be burnt nontoxically as energy waste. In fact, all of our choice materials are recyclable and reusable. Because that’s the way it should be, now and especially in the future.

Rolf Moborg